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Competitive Advantage

Saving people time is your new competitive advantage

Most organizations are not able to ensure the consistent usefulness and financial value of their information. Time is money. Information efficiency is the new business process optimizer and competitive advantage.


The more useful your information the more loyal your customers and productive your teams.

Although digitalization is a positive factor, its exponential growth in information is not sustainable. Too much and poor-quality information frustrates customers and makes employees inefficient. Working virtually worsens the problem.


Information that is inefficient can cause delay, poor decisions, faulty processes, information risk, and lost business. People with poor information skills are more likely to decide improperly, communicate unprofessionally, and be an operational risk.



Most organizations are unaware that there is a solution
If your organization is like most it invests in building market leadership, but often neglects the final expression of leadership – consistent quality information. Currently, organizations have few mechanisms in place to ensure the regular efficiency of their information.

Example: Multinational organization conference invitation:
"In today’s world, we are getting too much information. It is too complex, and we are getting it too fast. Unfortunately, an end to dysfunctional communication is not in sight."

Your lines of business and information governance is responsible for information efficiency.


Lean approach

In the 1980s, Taiichi Ohno’s book, Toyota Production System, introduced the world to lean manufacturing, improving production by removing waste in processes. In the 1990s, information science and systems design began defining poor information in terms of deficiencies.


Just as there is waste in processes, there is waste in information. In Lean, value is defined by the consumer and waste is continuously eliminated. Information is lean when it is 'free of waste' for the information consumer. Wasteful information causes lost time and money.


The lean approach to information includes a variety of disciplpines such as data quality as well as information management, governance, quality, and design. Lean information is universal, applicable to all languages, business functions and content types.

Information that is lean is efficient to understand, act on, share, access, and govern. It saves time, builds loyal customers, and mitigates information risk. It is faster to search, generates higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings, and benefits everyone.


LEAN INFORMATION is a pioneering communication coaching. We help organizations create and use consistently lean information. We make your life easier by supporting your immediate needs and help your people be more successful using information that is consistently:

  • Relevant

  • Specific
  • Correct

  • Complete


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