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Email us if you are interest in the Lean Information Community.

Lean Information principles are simple and universal. Are you, or is someone you know, interested in participating in an online community on Lean Information? Could discussing practical topics with other professionals help your work?

We are assessing the viability of launching a professional community on this essential topic touching everyone in every organization.


The purpose of the community would be to provide a forum to address information quality problems, discuss approaches, define solutions, and identify trends. Each discussion would end with practical summary points for you to take back to your workplace.

We would begin by meeting online every other month to discuss some of the following topics related to lean information:

  • Case studies

  • Common vocabulary

  • Collaboration

  • Change competencies

  • Customer loyalty

  • Guest speakers

  • Prompts for AI

  • Sales processes

  • Senior management support

  • Governance

  • Research topics

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Valuation and monetization

  • Other topics you have


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