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Since 2014, Ron Hyams has been delivering an annual half-day lecture to my class, “Create and Use Information.” Mr. Hyams’ lecture kicks off my week-long module, “Innovation and Knowledge Management.” This module is part of the Master in Life Sciences program led by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW.


Mr. Hyams lecture is placed on the first day of the module because his topic is key for the rest of the program. He covers topics such as understanding the issues with information in general, decision styles and information types, eliminating wasteful information, information cultivation and lean information creation.


Class size is usually around 100 students. Mr. Hyams reaches students with an engaging presentation, provocative questions and challenging exercises. Students have evaluated, “Create and Use Information” as one of the most appreciated lectures in my program. I have also received positive feedback long after their attendance year.


It has been a pleasure to have Mr. Hyams share the essentials of Lean Information with my classes. I look forward to him lecturing next year.

Dr. Pavel Kraus

Mr. Hyams began [his lecture] with two business cases, which set the tone for the relevance of this work..... The learning objectives gave students practical skills to apply after the lecture.


Mr. Hyams was well-organized, well-paced, authoritative and friendly. He asked challenging questions and engaged students with relevant exercises. He delivered his material with enthusiasm and passion.


“Information Efficiency” received very positive student feedback. We will gladly invite Mr. Hyams again in the future. His material fits exceptionally well with our module on being more successful....

Prof. Dr. Stefan Groeseer

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, Biel, Switzeralnd

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