Transform your organization's digital and print information,
in German or English, into plain language («leichte Sprache»).

– Product use –

– Compliance –

– Sales –
– Marketing –

– Projects –

– Slides –

– Questionnaires –

– Newsletters –


We evaluate the communication objectives and propose the removal of wasteful information. We can then transform
the information to meet your objectives


Your information is simpler, easier to understand, share

and act on. Customers value your simplicity.
Colleagues value their productivity.


At first glance, is the required action known?


Is your information waste-free?


Is it structured in a hierarchy of understanding and action?


Are sentence and word length minimized for simplicity?

Are you meeting the needs of multiple decision-making styles?

Do your visuals communicate subject mastery?

Which metrics define the value of your information (Revenue, Productivity, Governance)?

•  Your tone  •  Measurable results

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