Ron Hyams, LEAN INFORMATION Founder, is a specialist in making business information efficient.


Ron began his career in media and technology sales. He experienced, first hand, the relationship between business success and information quality. As a Sales Manager for WNCN Radio in NYC, he doubled local advertising revenue in one year. As the Bern Director for Wall Street English, he lead all 17 Swiss franchises in corporate sales.


Ron’s industry experience includes Re/insurance, Pharma, Specialty Chemicals, Media and Retail.
His functional experience includes Corporate and Retail Sales; Information Management, Governance and Quality; and Change Communication. He holds an EMBA from University of St. Gallen's Institute for Media and Communication Management.


In addition to his work in LEAN INFORMATION, Ron is on the board of the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF). He also heads the Business Stakeholder team revising the industry leading Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM).


Team members are engaged professionals sharing a common interest in helping organizations build their businesses. Their expertise includes Data Quality, Information Design, Search/navigation and Marketing.

Processes are optimized when the information flowing within them is optimized.


We offer you a new competitive advantage using a learnable solution to a common problem. Let us show you how we can contribute to your success. Contact me!

Ron Hyams, EMBA


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LEAN INFORMATION, Bern, Switzerland

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