Saving People Time

(roughly 30-40%)

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Too much and poor-quality information is bad for your customers and employees.


LEAN INFORMATION is a communication trainer offering a learnable solution to a common problem. We help organizations
make their information consistently actionable and risk-free.


​Information that is lean saves time, roughly 30-40%. It is more useful – easier to write, read, access, and act on. And, it's more valuable – increasing response rates and process efficiency.

​LEAN INFORMATION delivers our Core Training
and Custom Exercises:

  • Documenting

  • Messaging

  • Presenting

Based on information science, systems design, lean, and years of experience our methodology is universal, applicable to all languages, business functions and content types.

We focus on adding to your success in:

  • Sales – relationship building

  • Marketing – content creation

  • HR – employee onboarding


​​​LEAN INFORMATION offers a uniquely learnable solution. Let us show you how we can contribute to your success (Examples).

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