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Save People Time

"Brevity is the sole of wisdom." W. Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1603

Too much and poor-quality information is bad for customers and employees.
Most organizations can't ensure the consistent usefulness of their information.

Improve your organization's efficiency by at least 30% (examples).
Try our Free Evaluation. Time is life.







LEAN INFORMATION offers a pioneering, technology-agnostic, communication coaching. We help teams best use the efficiency of their information to save time, increase revenue, and mitigate risk. Our simple method is based on data quality and lean management. It is universal, applicable to all information and languages.


Information is lean when it is free of waste for the information consumer.
Waste is measured in lost time and money.


Lean information is consistently useful easy to access, understand, act on, share, and govern. It helps build healthy workplaces and minimize the impact of employee turnover.


Our coaching includes:


What information in your team could be leaner?

Bern, Switzerland

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