Lean information is free of waste for the information consumer

Wasteful information is mostly measured in the time and money lost from delayed or poor decisions and actions. Lean information is efficient to act on, share, access, and govern. Try our method on your information: Free Evaluation

Eliminate Wasteful Information

Lean Information Reference Model (LIRM)

Like processes, information also can contain waste. Simple examples of information wasting time and money:

Meaningless – What you are reading goes on and on, but says nothing new

Ambiguous – Your supervisor asks "someone" on your team to contact her

Incorrect – You receive a letter dated April 31, 2022

Incomplete – A form asks for your birth date, but this entry field does not exist

Does your organization suffer from too much information? Is it lacking the right information? Are customers frustrated? How much time do others need for your information? At first glance, do they know their required action? What metrics define the value of your information?

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